Happy International Women’s Day

A celebration of women everywhere.

International Women’s day (IWD) has been celebrated since the 1900’s. In some countries the day is celebrated much like Mother’s day where mothers, wives, girlfriends and colleagues receive gifts from males honouring them. Such countries as China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Russia deem it an official holiday. (I love that idea)!

One lady that has inspired me is JK Rowling. She is the reason hundred’s of millions of children around the world love reading, unleashing their imagination. In my opinion what’s important is that all women should strive to change their own world for the better. If that’s getting a degree to be able to get that dream job, starting driving lessons to be more independent or something I’ve recently been doing myself, improving my cooking skills. I want to feed my family healthy, tasty food and not because of an expectation, but because I want to. I might leave Mary Berry’s tips for spaghetti bolognese to one side though. To me, steps like these are all steps in the right direction, however big or small.

“Do something now that will make the person you’ll be tomorrow, proud to have been the person you are today”.

Believing in yourself plays a big part in taking these first steps to changing your own world for the better. Another one of my favourite quotes, which I’ve used to inspire team members is:

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”.
– Theodore Roosevelt

Ladies everywhere, celebrate yourself today and your achievements so far.

And if you have a lady in your life that’s special to you, don’t take her for granted, but take today to celebrate her and all she achieves however big or small.

Happy International Women’s Day!