Is Art Fair?

Chester arts fair returns on the 17th of this month to Chester race course, which we are looking forward to attending, but it led us to the question:

Is art fair?
Does it allow us to express inner thoughts or is it a license to call anything art?

Artists express feelings through art whilst capturing a moment in time. Viewers analyse the artists thinking, and freely form their own opinions which they can sometimes relate to emotionally.

From a very young age we are encouraged to draw, paint and colour-in before we can even communicate properly through speech and on the other spectrum in recent years, we have seen adult therapeutic colouring books enter the mainstream shops.

But where do we draw the line? (No pun intended)
We don’t like all art or art styles, we either don’t connect to it emotionally or we just ‘don’t get it’ and that is down to an individuals opinion, so who is anyone to say ‘that is not art’?

Is art:
A form of communication
R ecording life experiences
T alent

The dictionary definition of art is:
The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Art is a universal language that lets the artist, however young or old express themselves visually, plus the viewer can express opinion and emotion in which ever way they wish.

So, does that mean that art gives us freedom and good for the soul?
If we connect with some art but not all styles, is it any wonder we do the same with everyday brands and companies?

Do we prefer the way a company looks because of the colours and the visual way they express their company to the outside world? Is that why we prefer one supermarket over another?

Do we subconsciously connect emotionally to brands because of the way they visual appear? This may not be the case with our favourite wine, but the label may have caught our attention on the shelf in the first instance?

We hope you are able to visit Chester arts fair and if you’re attending on the opening evening, we may just even see you there! More details for the art fair can be found here: