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Reinvent the Brownlow brand to attract website visitors, ensure confidence and convert into paying customers.

THE CHALLENGE: Brownlow Furniture, leading designers and manufacturers of high-quality custom-built beautiful furniture, for many years had maintained the same branding and digital presence, both of which were very dated and definitely not sending out the message Brownlow wanted and needed. This resulted in very few and far between enquires rendering the website ineffective.

Brownlow contacted us to explore the possibilities of and the implications of rebranding and updating the website to increase enquiries and conversions rates.

Rebranding & redesigning online presence to improve conversion rates

Firstly, we created a flexible and strong brand identity that reflected Brownlow’s position as a modern leader in handcrafted luxury furniture. With the new branding in position, we then produced a fully redeveloped responsive website with improved user experience and an enjoyable customer journey to improve confidence in the Brownlow brand and convert from a visitor into a client.

Nothing but superb since day one.

Everyone there is incredibly professional and has a great eye for detail. They are true experts in their fields, and our new website looks better than we could have imagined. We could not recommend enough.

Matt Harland-Jones

With extensive collaboration between us and Brownlow furniture, we worked together to ensure the brand and website would appeal to their target audience, hence giving the website and other marketing materials a luxurious feel which offers a more authentic luxury experience which channelled the brand’s ethos and evoked the quality of their furniture.


Our approach in rebranding the company along with redesigning and restructuring Brownlow’s website had exactly the desired effect.

Impressively, Brownlow received their first new enquiry within hours of the newly launched website being launched.

The influx of new sales enquiries has grown in momentum and Brownlow continue to improve upon their customers’ journey through feedback and improvements.

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