Simon O'rourke

An award winning artist specialising in wood sculpture


Create a website that illustrates and showcases my work as an artist. The user experience is as important as having the ability to entice visitors through inbound marketing.

  • ClientSimon O'rourke
  • IndustryArts
  • ServicesBranding / Web development / Photography

THE CHALLENGE: The multi award winning wood sculpture’s previous website, although rich in interesting content, didn’t showcase Simon’s artwork to its full potential. It lacked personality and the true grit of what Simon’s talents offer.

Due for an overhaul, the current site had been tweaked and changed over a few years rendering it ‘out of sorts’ with odd bits disconnected here and there throughout the site.

Showcasing inspiration &  paying tribute to the artist

The newly developed website has a whole load of character to match the whole load of talent Simon has to offer. With fire in his belly, Simon is passionate about his work and now the website reflects that passion.

In today’s fiercely competitive markets having a great online presence is paramount. Wahoo is a great agency to work with. Creative, efficient, friendly and they always deliver 100%!
Simon O'Rourke

Through collaboration we have developed a inspiration portal to showcase Simon’s work to its best. Simon is very active on social media, guiding people with inbound social posts. The website is now a joy to visit time and again to learn, in more detail about what latest projects Simon is involved with and contact him easily to commission his work.


As a high profile, award winning artist, Simon and his team now have a online presence and hub to be proud of. Focusing on Simon and his natural talents, the new site has an pleasant user journey and huge potential to grow and develop with them for the future.

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