real5 Networking Wrexham Launches

Various companies from around the local area gathered at 12 Wilkinson Business Park on Wrexham Industrial Estate (home to Wahoo Group), on Thursday 26th of September for the launch of real5 networking Wrexham.

The clock struck 4pm and the Wrexham lager was flowing (…and so was the orange juice). The building had a great vibe with a relaxed atmosphere, the room was full of business owners and entrepreneurs meeting like-minded people. The launch event, had launched!

After a short introduction to the new networking idea and how it could benefit each person in the room, conversations carried on flowing and the buffet opened. We had no takers on a game of pool but there’s always Octobers event for that!

Several companies took the opportunity to snap up their category and become members of the most innovative business networking group in the UK.

What is Real5?

real5 Networking is a new business venture focused on local business networking for mutual commercial gains – who doesn’t want a bit of that?

The idea is that all members agree to give a minimum 5% profit share back to the referee so there is a real incentive to maximise the network of people you know.

The first group established in Warrington and quickly expanded to Knutsford and Chester, Wrexham and coming very soon… Northwich. Each group supports a charity of their choice, to give back to the community and real5 Wrexham have chosen to support Nightingale House.

What’s the concept?

real5 Networking wants to help maximise your profits through opening new revenue streams, creating new business opportunities and giving you the opportunity to work with like-minded forward-thinking individuals in a refreshing, relaxed, no-nonsense business group.

You can read the story of real5 Networking here:

real5 networking, though its innovative benefits scheme, the focus on having the right people and our passion for every member to succeed ensures our monthly meetings are full of energy, referrals, deals and enjoyment.

Andrew Hibbert, Founder & Managing Director real5 Networking.

What are the benefits?

Membership unlocks a whole world of features and benefits for you and your business, learn more about it here:

When’s the next one?

October’s real5 Networking event is being held on 23rd October from 12pm till 2pm at Wahoo’s Studio – 12 Wilkinson Business Park. Registration is required to attend and you can book your place through the website:

Dates and times for other locations are all on the website, which you’ll find on each individual group page,  if you’re interested in attending any other groups.

Wahoo Group are the hosts for real5 Wrexham and welcome businesses along that would feel at home in the environment described above. If you have any other questions and would like to speak to someone, our CEO Phil would be happy to help. You can find him on LinkedIn here:

We’d like to thank everyone who came and made it the successful launch that it was. We’re overwhelmed with the amazing feedback that we’ve received so far and we’re looking forward to the first lunchtime meeting on the 23rd of October.

Happy networking and we hope to see you very soon at real5 Wrexham.