What does Instagram Checkout Mean For E-commerce?


E-commerce businesses, rejoice! Instagram has developed a new revenue stream for you!

Instagram recently rolled out a brand new e-commerce checkout feature for a limited number of big brands including Adidas, Nike, Kylie Cosmetics, Burberry, Uniqlo, Warbly Parker and Dior. Its currently in beta testing, however, the company has stated it will be making the feature available to more brands over the coming months.

‘Checkout with Instagram’ integrates a businesses store into the Instagram app so consumers can add products to their basket and complete product purchases without having to leave the app.

Users will also be able to track, manage and return their purchase through the app, as well as having the ability to contact the brand about their orders directly. This is great for customers as they will be able to buy products and oversee their entire purchase journey, all within the app! What’s more, after users’ first transaction their purchasing info will be saved to the platform which means they will be able to track the delivery of the product so no data

re-entry will be necessary for future purchases.

This is a hugely beneficial change for customers tired of having to sign up to multiple websites and stores just to buy a single product. The other plus note is that Instagram has promised that no personal information will be shared with businesses other than what is necessary to complete their order.

Instagram’s new Checkout feature is likely to be a huge success for e-commerce businesses. Since the feature is in its infancy, we can expect more information about it to be revealed soon. Instagram has been consistently improving its e-commerce experience over the past year including the introduction of shoppable posts, links, stories and rolling out the expansion of its Explore page which is already having an impact on businesses traffic and sales. So this latest feature looks like the perfect accompaniment to close the purchasing journey in-app.

With this new feature, it’s clear Instagram is no longer simply about inspiring its users. It is slowly transforming into a fully developed and enhanced shopping channel—and one you can’t afford to miss out on.

Get ready to win more sales with Instagram.