You Have A New Site… Now What?

Launching your new website is just the beginning of your online marketing strategy.

So, you have launched a new website. Congratulations! There’s nothing quite like seeing your brand new website go live after months of hard work, planning, designing and writing new content. It looks great, it works perfectly, but it certainly doesn’t end there. You have just completed your first step in the beginning of your online journey.

Websites don’t promote themselves, and nor do businesses. Now’s the time to take stock, review, and install strategies to ensure your site launch is a success. Your new site is the foundation of your business’ digital strategy, and you need to build upon it in order to get the best performance, business leads and conversions.

To undertstand the true impact and effectiveness of your new wesite, you need to understand your current landscape. Are you meeting the goals you set? Are you reaching your business objectives? Are your visitors engaging with your new website and even more importantly, are they finding your new website, period? Before launching your website you need to define a clear set of KPIs to measure your websites performance. If you don’t, you’ll have no idea how your new site performs against the old. It’ll be a shot in the dark. You’ll be making assumptions based on gut feelings rather than accurate data.

So your website is up and running; what’s next?

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can help empower your website once it goes live.

Get busy with Search Engine Optimisation

Most users begin their onsite interaction with you via search engines, usually through a Google search. Always a good place to start, SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – is crucial to ensuring your website gets indexed by Google and ranked highly in search results. Once you have determined your search goals, start building strategies to accomplish them. A great tool like SEMrush helps you check the effectiveness of your SEO strategy and presages you about any potential SEO issue.

Launching your website (and driving traffic) with content

Content marketing is a long-term digital strategy based on creating high-quality, valuable content to attract, inform, and engage your target audience by giving them high quality content relevant to them on a consistent basis.

With digital and social media mowing the content landscape, content marketing has become the core of building up brand awareness and an online presence that continually drives business. Creating fresh, useful content takes time and effort. So get your content working hard and promote it to your audience, not just once but many, many times to increase your reach.


Often run alongside SEO strategies, PPC – Pay Per Click – is a great way to make sure your website appears in Google search results. AdWords works by you bidding against other businesses ads to be displayed on the top of the search results. It can be a very effective way to achieve quick results and to start getting a return on investment right away.

Email marketing and data collection

Emails sent to a potential or current customer is called email marketing and is consistently one of the strongest ways to engage with your target audience. It is considered to be one of the most effective channels of online communication in regards to return on investment. Make sure you encourage sign-ups with value-added content, offering something of value in exchange for an email address. Then follow up with additional value and your regular newsletters. Email marketing can include anything from e-shots, newsletters, surveys, offers and product promotions, and has the power to build a loyal customer following for your business.

Measure effectiveness

Software such as Google Analytics is helpful to sort through user interactions. Monitoring traffic behaviour, patterns and metrics will give you insight and assure you that areas of your website are performing as expected. Continually measuring and refining is the key to a nice long term growth path for your website long into the future.

Get active on the right social channel

Since its development, social media has played a continuous role in how people interact with each other.

Gone are the days when using social media for business was optional. Today almost every brand is using social media to market their services or products. Actively participating on social media each day will help your business stay at the front of your target market’s mind.

Top tip – Find out where your audience likes to spend their time; are they on Facebook more than Twitter, or do they search for help on LinkedIn or hangout on Instagram?

Action precedes clarity

Developing your websites objectives may sound like a lot of work, and it is. But without these efforts your website simply won’t perform the way it’s meant to, and then all your hard work will have gone to waste. Don’t panic, though – here at Fotofire we can help you generate traffic, convert traffic into leads, and guide you through your online marketing strategy.

Oh, and did we mention we can help you out with building and designing the website itself? Our team of developers and designers can create a user centric, responsive website that will make all of your additional marketing activities a whole lot easier.

Why not give us a call today to get your project started.